“From February 16, Game of States is shown at the Palais de Tokyo as part of the Le Bord des Mondes exhibition in Paris. Trying to answer the question formulated by Duchamp: is it possible to create works that are not works of “art”, the exhibition Le Bord des Mondes (On the Edge of Worlds) explores many different fields of artistic creation and focuses its attention on creative people outside the conventionally understood world of art . Their work, however, seems to belong to it thanks to its depth, beauty and particularity. The presented artists – visionaries, experimenters, poets and pirates – reveal the existence of these unknown fields, effectively overthrowing the stereotypical understanding of the work and its creator. Curator of Le Bord des Mondes – Rebecca Lamarche-VadelIn this version of Countries Games, you can see, apart from the basic elements of the archive, completely new compositions. The game’s potential has been developed towards more and more current threads, but also the visualization of classic intrigues from the history of the political life of Odrobinia. Even the basic “Rituals” for the project are modified with quotes from the reality that surrounds us today. The state also increased the number of inhabitants with new characters who obtained the citizenship of the United Odrobini Empire as a result of the Facebook action “Become a citizen of the happiest country in the galaxy”. In Paris, the exhibition space was arranged as a simplified model of an apartment, similarly to 2013 in Pictogram.”

Game of States” by Michał Slezkin at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris / Szum