“Going up the stairs, I felt curious and a little anxious. When we reached the somewhat forbidden second floor, these feelings were joined by surprise and maybe even a little disappointment. Not only was there none, not even the slightest bit of nudity, but also Staś walked into the exhibition with interest and quickly found the work that attracted him the most – a ceramic sculpture “Beloved” by Slezkin from the cycle “I dreamed of”. Intrigued, he asked me about the lying dog: is it asleep or dead? I didn’t have any answer and it was just the beginning. Other questions which appeared only in my head while looking at the exhibition also remained without an explanation. I found myself in a mysterious „in between” zone, which didn’t show me any specific way to take. I tried to find some schemes or familiar codes, but they kept slipping away. At an exhibition about life itself it’s the most accurate state one can wish for.”

Dark Deeps, Immersive Voids. ‘Life Begins after Fifty, Although It Ends at Forty” at the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz by Joanna Pietrowicz Blok