October 2nd
Decide who will inhabit XS Republic, and what kind of society would it be.
Print/cut out/position those inhabitants to your liking.
Do they have any personal history?
What do they want? Who do they need?
What is happening at the moment?
In XS, selected inhabitants can become citizens or refugees. These can be both characters proposed by XS, or the characters you propose.
Tell what happened to the characters.
Describe your activities. Create a post, upload a picture and browse through the Facebook event history of “XS Republic”.



October 2nd
Strangers were noticed in the vicinity of The Hole in the Fence. Priest Martin was the first XS inhabitant to see them.

October 2nd
Police appeared at the location. “We take care of the order. We will guard refugees in order to prevent unexpected events from happening”, said sergeant Marian Fruitful. “However, distinguishing refugees from economy-driven immigrants can turn out to be a problem”.



October 2nd

With growing astonishment and sense of unrest, local fishermen and farmers have noticed boats and rafts full of foreign-looking people as they reaching the shores.

October 2nd

Pontoons full of foreign-looking newcomers unexpectedly appeared from “On the other side of the mirror” and are reaching the shore. In the background, surprised local fishermen and breeders. Source: Independent press body Odrobinian Waarnemer


October 2nd

David Bowie communicates “This is Not America” to disappointed refugees who just reached the shores.

Will the refugees be willing to stay in XS Republic?

October 2nd

Kate Defoe reached the area of the Andersen Plateau. “I’m hoping for high earnings”, she is related to have said, as has been ascertained by retired civil defense teacher Maximilian Resourceful who lives nearby.

October 2nd

Jan W. got himself into a difficult situation. Unemployed and homeless, he decides to leave inhospitable land of XS Republic.



October 4th

Also, a journalist crew accredited by Odrobinian press organ “Odrobinian Waarnemer” is present in the freshly forming territory of the XS Republic. Its reporters were witnessing celebrations and prayers of one of new and mysterious religious sects, so-called “Holy Horn Worshippers”. Ceremony remained undisturbed even throughout the landing of another wave of refugees from Kaflinia of the beaches of outer ocean. “Odrobinian Waarnemer” journalists emphasize the fact that many individuals among Kaflinian refugees coming to RXS are in reality active Kaflinian separatists who wanted to escape Odrobinian system of justice.

October 7th

Riot at the Ministry of the Interior

October 7th

New group has gathered in front of the crowd that stands in front of the Ministry. One can hear such shouts as “NO to Flat White, YES to Caffe Latte!”

“We are extremely disturbed by the development of the events”, said one of the participants.

“Protestors know nothing about the refugees themselves. It’s a frustration of economic nature. Those young aggressive people are in need of an education, ERASMUS program, lots of courage and support from their parents”.




October 8th


On Monday of October 7th, XS border has been trespassed by a group of citizens of the Union Federal Republic. With their impeccable attire and behaviour, young men from UFR strongly contrasted with refugees our country knew from earlier periods. During organized press conference, representative of newcomers Haiser Recht issued a formal announcement: “Our clean, natural and traditional hate to those who are not the same as ourselves, was approached in UFR with constant intolerance. We felt persistently discriminated during our stay in UFR. We hope that we will find understanding in XS Republic for our radical, honest and ambitious notions”.


October 12th

Manifestation in front of the Ministry of the Interior rapidly escalates into a full-blooded fight. Fighting squads throw stones, smashing windows in the golden-faced building of the Ministry. They also chant “We want normality!”, “Our norm is sacred!” and “Not really white is worse than gay!”

October 17th

Crowd consisting of partially masked and aggressive individuals is gathering in front of the Ministry of the Interior. Hipster ran away from the spot. Minister calls special police detachments to the rescue. Large group of journalists and reporters is coming along to the square in front of the building. Cameras and transmission cars are positioned in an empty space between police cordon and an aggressive crowd, all TV stations are transmitting their live programs. Ministry received email informing that the aggressive crowd is only a “smoke screen” before genuine assault on a refugee camp that Recht’s group prepared in advance. Situation becomes more and more tense. Pavement cubes and stones are thrown, and also bottles with paint and gasoline, are being thrown in the direction of the police cordon. People in front of their TV sets think that everyone is fighting with each other. Suddenly, one car hear sound of shooting in several places of the square simultaneously, while one of the female reporters falls to the ground. TV crews instantly stop their transmissions. Ministry gives police the order to clear the square.

Meanwhile in a refugee camp, it is all quiet and everything seems to suggest that the rumour of an incoming assault was just a hearsay. Shocked media blame Minister of the Interior for journalist’s death. He resigns from his post. New minister promises that he will not allow violence to escalate. Several weeks later, new mural is seen next to a mural painting of an artist known as BanXSy.  

October 13th

Police chief inspector Joseph Półcz alarmingly claims that the refugee crisis is getting worse on a daily basis. “Each day, number of refugees crossing all possible border is growing bigger. Due to recent events in front of the Ministry of the Interior, we are forced to undertake serious steps”. As inspector informs, construction work on a special refugee camp in Dolna Ciepła district is consistently progressing. Respective area is guarded by police force on a 24-hour basis. “This is just a temporary solution. Persons who reach the refugee camps are guaranteed fresh water, food, new clothes and basic medical service”, adds Półcz.

October 13th

Honorary consul of Kaflinia expressed his concern with the growing aggression against his fellow countrymen. “While provisional Kaflinian government-in-exile hasn’t got any export goods that could be blocked from being shipped to XS Republic, but rumours reached my ears that, if he had any, he would certainly block the goods”.