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XS Republic
 It does not happen in reality.
These are just figures, two-dimensional paper cutouts.
We play them. We play this game without end and without aim.
It does not happen in reality.
We only create this world. We make it inhabited.
The name of this world is XS Republic. There are inhabitants in this world (soon enough, they will begin to appear).
And there are strangers, too – refugees from Kaflinia.
Who are they? How many of them are there?
How are they going to be received, by whom and how they are going to accommodate in a new world? It depends on us. As its point of entry,
Michał Slezkin’s new exhibition takes his “Refugees” installation which formed one of the “rituals” presented in various locations in Poland and throughout Europe in the context of artist’s “State” project.
“State” is an unusual installation that shows certain elements of the game that Slezkin used to play with his father. Slezkin the Elder devised it with his friends far back in the 1940s and it was based on creating nonexistent lands, or rather their paper-made representatives who negotiate important international agreements with each other, send diplomatic notes to each other, meet and make political decisions. Later years brought along even more complicated versions of the game, while simultaneously expanding the universe of characters. As a grown-up, Michał Slezkin came back to the game, presenting it as a creative artifact. Exhibition consists of two installations. Primary “Refugess” ritual can be viewed in Ośrodek Karta at 29, Narbutta Street, while “XS Republic” is an altogether new project, developed in direct vicinity of the previous location in XS arts centre at 27A, Narbutta Street. It is possible for the viewer to actively participate in the exhibition by printing out new characters at the Stand, cutting them out and positioning them at any spot. During moderated game sessions, it is possible the emergent XS Republic from various perspectives. Commonly played game helps to enrich the installation, and to create the world in a dynamic dialogue with the sequence of events we are witnessing right now.
Curated by Wojtek Ziemilski
Produced by Angelika Topolewska-Pleskot
Exhibition has been organized in the framework of the Day of Solidarity with Refugees.We announce the day of October 15th, 2015, as the Day of Solidarity with Refugees in public institutions, culture centers, non-governmental organizations and media.
On this day, we want to tell all those who flee their homelands, running from war, chaos, hunger, destruction and poverty: “You are warmly welcome here!”. Because Polish hospitality and solidarity is well known. Because destiny of the refugee and immigrant has been inscribed in our culture and history. Because we were able to, and continue to be able to, show help and compassion to the others.
Project’s partner: Fundacja Ośrodek Karta