“The State” | Le Bord des Mondes | Palais de Tokyo group xhibition | 2015 |

Answering Marcel Duchamp’s question: “Can one make works of art which are not ‘of art’?”, the exhibition “Le Bord des Mondes” [At the Edge of the Worlds] explores the many fields of artistic creation and welcomes creative people from outside of the art world whose work would seem to belong to it through its depth, its beauty and its singularity. These artists – visionaries, experimenters, poets and pirates – reveal these unprecedented fields and defy limits.

Curated by Rebecca Lamarche Vadel

Game of StatesIn this particular installment of The Game of State, apart from basic elements of the archive, new items were added that form whole, entirely new compositions.The potential of the Game has developed to encompass increasingly up-to-date threads, also including visualizations of the classic intrigues from the history of Odrobinia’a political life. Even “Rituals” that should be considered as one of the major building blocks of the projects, become modified to include current quotes from our everyday reality. The State has also expanded on the level of citizenship: more people officially became new subjects of the United Empire of Odrobinia after intense Facebook action “Become A Citizen of the Happiest Empire in the Whole Galaxy”. During Paris exhibition, space has been arranged – mirroring the solution that has been applied in 2013 in Piktogram – to resemble a simplified model of the flat where games took place originally.  

Exhibition also presents new film depicting the reconstruction of one of the principal rituals of The State, as enacted by Slezkin with his 11-year old son Alik.

Film has been created in 2015